I Dream of Green

U.S. artist Deborah Ross, whose warm and compelling watercolors grace this website, has been holding painting workshops in the communities near the Uaso Ngiro Baboon Project, for children as well as adults. Here is her latest communication, and images of art from the August 2009 workshops.

"I returned to Kenya this summer to continue my painting workshops. It is a terrible drought in Kenya, the worst than in the last 40 years. Animals were dying by the road. Very sad.

"The children however LOVED the painting workshop. I believe it gave some respite from their very hard, hard lives.

"In a strange twist I was working on a project of retrieving traditional knowledge of Maasai plant medicine. The plants were are all but gone but we sought them out nonetheless! The medicine man was a big help and spent time working with the children to share his knowledge. We even went on a field trip to the forest but unfortunately were cut off but elephants who had the same idea about where the green things live." - Deborah, September 2009

Coming soon: children's and adult's paintings from Deborah's workshops